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Expand your audience and income by taking your events online using our revolutionary broadcasting platform.

Take Your Events Online

The All-In-One Broadcasting Network

Broadcast live events with commentary, live video coverage of the event, commercials & advertisements that do not disrupt the show with multiple rooms that show different angles and commentary at the same time. You can even use multiple rooms to have the same show broadcasted in different languages.


Of Features At Your Fingertips

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Expand your offerings by creating a second segment of your business

Prosscored is built to help you create new revenue streams with an easy to use dashboard that will allow you to organize and onboard new advertisers or sponsors for your event.

Stream live with multiple rooms simultaneously

Create tickets with different levels of accessibility

Manage all of your event advertisements in one place

Sell merchandise throughout the event through the platform

Prosscored was built with you in mind

The arena was designed to be used across multiple industries to put the stadium experience in the palm of your audience, either on their phones or on their computers at home.

Let Us Work For You

There are multiple ways in which our service can work for you. You can integrate Prosscored into your own broadcasting set-up by licensing the Arena for your event or you can hire us to broadcast and run the event for you.

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Our broadcasting platform has been designed to be easy to use for both the event organizers and the attendees.

Teach a student or employee how to use our application and it can all be managed from one on-site user.

Put your brand first

We make your brand the centre of everything on the platform, with the ability to upload your own cover images and logos.

Keep users engaged

With chat room and shout-out functionality you can keep your audience connected and in on the action.


We Are Full Service

We are a full service broadcasting company which means we can handle everything for your event from start-to-finish if you need more than just the platform.

Event Production Consulting

Marketing & Media Consulting

Marketing & Media Digital Media Creation

Remote Event Broadcasting

In-person broadcasting

In-person dashboard engineering

Packages to sell marketing & media creation to your customers

Platform Licensing and Training

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Expand your audience and income by taking your events online using our revolutionary broadcasting platform. Get in touch.

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